How to enable Customer Messages

In order for Shwitch to include your customers messages, we need to add a custom text box to your Shopify Cart Page.

This requires editing your themes cart.liquid template. If you are not comfortable with this, please let support know. We are more than happy to help with this implementation, and can normally help within 24 hours.

Have the Shwitch team do it:

Step 1: contact our support team with your stores domain name. We will request collaborator access to your store so we can update the theme code.

Step 2: Our team will take a backup of all files that need to be modified, so you can preview what the changes look like before setting them live.

Step 3: Enable Customer Messages via the Shwitch dashboard

Do it yourself:

Step 1: Click Online Store

Step 2: Click Actions

Step 3: Click Edit Code

Step 4: Search for cart.liquid, and possibly cart-template.liquid

Step 5: Insert the below code for the Customer Message and/or Twitch Username input boxes. This code should go somewhere before the checkout button, and can be styled however you want.

      <!-- Twitch Username Input -->
      <p class="cart-attribute__field">
        <label for="twitch_username">Twitch Username:</label>
        <input id="twitch_username" type="text" name="attributes[twitch_username]" value="{{ cart.attributes["twitch_username"] }}">

      <!-- Customer Message Input -->
      <p class="cart-attribute__field">
        <label for="user_message">Message to appear on stream:</label>
        <input id="user_message" type="text" name="attributes[user_message]" value="{{ cart.attributes["user_message"] }}">

Step 6: Preview changes to ensure that northing is broken before applying the changes. Style this text box however you feel appropriate for your theme.

Step 7: Enable Customer Messages via the Shwitch dashboard

Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you run into any issues.