What is Shwitch?

Shwitch takes your Shopify sales, and sends them to Streamlabs where they become an alert in your alert box, popping up on stream just like donations! Providing social proof to your viewers that people are buying your merch and encouraging more sales.

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a stream management ecosystem. Read more on the Streamlabs site.

Do I need streamlabs to use Shwitch?

Yes! Shwitch is integrates directly with Streamlabs.

How do I link Shwitch with my Streamlabs account?

After installing Shwitch, you will be prompted to login to Streamlabs and approve or decline the API Authorisation. This is done securely through Streamlabs. We don't ever see your password.

What Streamlabs permissions do you require?

We only require permissions to display custom alerts in Streamlabs, we don't have access to your donations.

What can I customise about the alerts?

Heaps! Customise your alerts to stand out from follows and donations, or keep them the same so they are all consistent.

  • Message Template
  • Text Highlight Color
  • Alert Duration
  • Alert Image
  • Alert Sound

Does this allow customer messages and Twitch usernames to show up like donations?

Sure does! With some simple modifications to your theme, customer messages and Twitch usernames can be displayed along with the message template that you set.

Read more about enabling customer messages

When do you send alerts?

As soon as a purchase is made, an alert is added to your Streamlabs queue, and will be displayed once the alert is at the front of the queue.

Can I select what products send alerts?

Yes! In the Shwitch settings page you can select to send alerts on all products, or only selected products. Add the tag shwitch-alert to the products that you want to trigger alerts, and then update your Shwitch settings.

How do I upload images and sounds?

We recommend uploading any custom gifs or sounds to Streamlabs, and then copying the URL across to Shwitch.

How does this help me?

Social Proof. With the social proof of other people purchasing from your store, viewers are more likely to also make a purchase.

Customers username and message on stream. If enabled, their Twitch username and a custom message can be displayed on stream, showing what they have purchased.

Promote a specific product. Alerts for a specific product remind your viewers about your store, and can be used to celebrate a product launch, or hype up an under-performing product.

How much does it cost?

Shwitch costs $9.90 a month, and is billed through Shopify. We offer a 14 day free trial so you can see how it works!

How do I uninstall?

Simply delete the app from Shopify. This will also stop you from being billed.